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YZPST Power semiconductor devices brief

YZPST Power semiconductor devices brief


Yangzhou Positioning Tech. Co., Ltd (YZPST) has her joint-venture factory which is specialized in kinds of power semiconductor devices. Such as thyristors (Phase Control Thyristors/Inverter thyristors with Stud & Capsule package), triacs, REVERSE CONDUCTING THYRISTORS(RCT), Asymmetric thyristors , series diodes(Standard and fast Recovery Diodes- with Stud & Capsule package), welding diodes ,bridge rectifier diodes, kinds of thyristor-thyristor modules, thyristor-diode modules, single diode and thyristor modules ,FRED Modules, solid state relays etc. with 20kpcs per month capacity.

The company has the advanced professional production line: the high purification of workshop cleanliness up to 1000 and local up to 100 .in this line, there are many high precision diffusion furnaces, electron beam coating machines, full automatic cleaning equipments, synthesis test equipment and kind of aging inspection equipments etc.

Our chief engineer comes from the famous company and has been devoted mind on kinds of power semiconductors for more than 26years . More than 30 engineers--- strong technology team to be sure that new products are continue to be developped and all products are controlled well in high class quality level .Some products have been made as per the global famous company`s spec. and exported all over the world.

Our power devices are widely used for industries, public utilities and military projects. Such as transportation, marine/rail propulsion systems, frequency converter,wind power converters, electrochemical power supplies, soft starters, motor control, lighting control, power factor compensation, electric vehicles, UPS, Inverter, DC chopper drives, Pulse Power applications, High frequency, intermediate frequency welding machine, Locomotive traction, induction heating and furnaces, Steel melt shop and foundry industry, electrochemistry and military electronics.

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