Wikipedia: the main effect of solid state relay

by:Positioning     2021-01-16
Solid state relay is the main function of high voltage and low voltage control in simple terms is to use the control signal to control the main circuit of main load, while the market on the solid state relay type specification is various, but their working principle is basically the same. Is mainly composed of input, Control) Circuit, drive circuit and output ( Load) Circuit of three parts, can be divided into single-phase solid state relay and three-phase solid state relay. Solid state relay of the input control signal input circuit is to provide a loop, make it become the trigger signal source of solid state relay. Solid state relay input circuit for dc input, more individual for ac input, also have very little without external power supply. Dc input circuit is divided into input impedance input and constant current. Input impedance input circuit control current as the input voltage of a linear positive change. Constant current input circuit, the input voltage reaches a certain value, the current no longer obviously increases with the rise of voltage, the solid state relay can be used in quite a wide input voltage range ( 3 - 32VDC,90- 250VAC) 。 Solid state relay drive circuit can include isolation coupling circuit, functional circuit and trigger circuit three parts. Isolation coupling circuit, the current use photoelectric coupler and two kinds of high frequency transformer circuit more forms. Commonly used photoelectric coupler has a triode, light - bidirectional thyristor, light - diode array ( Light - v) And so on. High frequency transformer coupling, it is under certain input voltage, the formation of about 10 MHZ self-excited oscillation, high frequency signal transmission through the transformer core to the transformer secondary. Function circuit may include detection rectifier, zero passage, accelerate, protection, and display a variety of functions such as circuit. Solid state relay trigger circuit is used to provide the trigger signal output device. Solid state relay output circuit is under the control of the trigger signal, realizes the solid state relay switch on and off. Output circuit mainly by the output device ( Chip) Transient suppression and the function of absorbing circuit, sometimes including feedback circuit. Solid state relay true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If interested in our solid state relay or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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