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by:Positioning     2021-01-08
As the technology reform, radiator gradually appear in people's field of vision. Radiator profiles radiator, insert radiator, water-cooled radiator, soft start radiator. Nowadays, with the development of the great age of industry trends, radiator gradually mature in technology. Aluminum radiator became the most widely used on the market of the radiator. Aluminum radiator is divided into high die casting aluminum radiator and aluminum radiator two welding, aluminum radiator biggest feature is the cooling efficiency high, the radiator is typical aluminum radiator. Aluminum radiator is the most light weight in all radiator radiator, so the transportation is very convenient. Aluminum radiator cooling effect is the best in all of the radiator, service life is the longest of all the radiator. We know that in all the radiator in use process will appear different degrees of corrosion, it is because of various kinds of metal material caused by the natural attribute, the problems of the radiator if it is the whole die casting will have to change the whole radiator, and for modular combination of aluminum alloy heat sink, this advantage is very obvious, which one is broken, changes which, while others can be used as usual, to the greatest degree for the user to save the using cost, also increase the service life of the radiator, infinite avoided without waste. Rectifier is committed to aluminum radiator co. , LTD. 15 years research and development and production, has a solid technical force, the company production of aluminum radiator are: insert radiator, soft start of water-cooled radiator, radiator, SS SF, air-cooled radiator, etc. Also can customize radiator according to customer's requirements. Because of its superior performance is widely used in: inverter, soft starter, machinery, new energy cars, wind power, railway locomotive, engineering machinery, air compressor, etc. Zhejiang rectifier co. , LTD. Focus on the production of power semiconductor components, provide the power module, thyristor, solid state relays, rectifier bridge, such as the company is looking for power semiconductors, the service hotline: 0577 - 62627555. All rights reserved: http://www. kunerjing。 Com/reprint please indicate the source
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