Why choose thyristor module produced by Positioning?
Compared with products developed by other manufacturers, thyristor module is more competitive in both price and usability. Yangzhou Positioning Tech. Co., Ltd implements the quality management system throughout manufacturing processes, resulting in the high pass rate of the product. Our product is delicate in design, stable in structure, reliable in quality, and competitive in price. This explains why so many customers and enterprises will choose our product. In addition, we provide many value-added services like return and warranty, which leverages the customer experience and achieves high cost-efficiency.

Since the establishment of Positioning, we have been committed to producing thyristor component. Positioning has created a number of successful series, and fast recovery diode is one of them. Positioning high power thyristor is produced in the course of a sustainable and unique revolution, without involving harmful or toxic substances. This product features a fast response speed. The product is soft, easy to care, and generally quite affordable. If one wants high-quality bedding, this is an option. It can be automatically triggered off for specified periods of time.

Our core value is to provide the highest power semiconductor devicesand finest power semiconductor devices. Get quote!
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