What is the distinguishing feature of intelligent thyristor module products?

by:Positioning     2020-12-13
Intelligent thyristor module is widely used in various fields of different industries, such as temperature, light, excitation, electroplating, electrolysis, electric welding, plasma arc, charge and discharge, voltage regulator, such as active inverter power supply device. This series thyristor module can also be through the module control port connected with the outer multi-function control panel, the realization of ac motor soft start, double closed loop dc motor speed regulation and constant current constant voltage control, and other functions. Product features: intelligent thyristor module ( 1) Thyristor module adopts intelligent control of the company independently developed digital phase shift trigger integrated circuit, control circuit and main circuit thyristor integration integration, the module has the function of weak current control high voltage electricity regulation. ( 2) Intelligent thyristor module adopts imported senior square chip, chip support plate, module pressure drop is small, low power consumption, high efficiency and energy saving effect is good. ( 3) Intelligent thyristor module adopts imported SMT components, ensure the reliability of the trigger control circuit. ( 4) Adopting intelligent thyristor module ( DBC) Ceramic sheet, the unique processing method and special welding technology, guarantee the welding layer without holes, heat conduction performance is good. Thermal cycle load times higher than the national standard nearly 10 times. ( 5) Intelligent thyristor module adopts advanced thermal insulation packaging materials, insulation, moistureproof and good performance. ( 6) Dielectric strength & ge; 2500 v ( RMS) To ensure the personal safety. Intelligent thyristor module, you directly from purchasing, through the network to obtain the most valuable products and services. Your trust and support, is our power to provide you with high quality products and services.
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