What is a rectifier bridge?

by:Positioning     2021-05-21
A, what is a rectifier bridge rectifier bridge rectifier tube is sealed in a shell, divides the whole bridge and half bridge. The whole bridge is a good bridge rectifier circuit will be connected four diode together. Half bridge is half of two diode bridge rectifier to seal together, use two and a half bridge can form a bridge rectifier circuit, one and a half bridge can form a transformer with the center tap full-wave rectifier circuit, need to consider to choose rectifier bridge rectifier circuit and working voltage. The rectifier bridge, as a kind of power components, a very wide range. Applied to all kinds of power equipment. Second, what is bridge pile of bridge pile is a kind of electronic components, internal consists of multiple diode. The main effect is rectification, adjust the direction of current. With bridge rectifier is better, the first is very convenient, and it is within the four tubes is generally choose matching, so its performance is close to, and the high power rectifier, on the bridge pile can install the cooling block, make the work more stable performance, use different occasions, of course, also want to choose different bridge pile, not only look at whether pressure is enough, such as high frequency characteristics. By four rectifying silicon bridge connection, external use insulation plastic packaging, high-power rectifier bridge added zinc metal shell outside the insulating layer coating, enhance the heat dissipation performance. What is the difference between three, rectifier bridge, and bridge pile rectifier bridge and bridge pile they actually is the full name of rectifier bridge pile, and someone calls or bridge rectifier bridge pile is the same.
rectifier bridge module is to a number of rectifier in a shell, constitute a complete rectifier circuit. When the power to further increase or for other reasons for multiphase rectification three-phase rectifier circuit is brought up. Three-phase rectifier bridge is divided into three-phase full wave rectifier bridge ( The whole bridge) And three phase half-wave rectifier bridge ( A half bridge) Two kinds. Rectifier bridge module choice must consider that the rectifier circuit and working voltage. The output high voltage rectifier circuit need capacitor, the output voltage of rectifier circuit requirement is not high capacitor can dress is not installed. Zhejiang ( Shanghai) Rectifier co. , LTD. , is committed to electric power semiconductor module technology research and development in 15 years. Company production module, MDST series three-phase rectifier bridge rectifier output controllable, MTS series three-phase rectifier. Welcome your consultation, we wholeheartedly at your service.
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