What are the disadvantages of bidirectional thyristor module?

by:Positioning     2021-02-13
Bidirectional thyristor module is also known as thyristor module, is currently in use more two-way thyristor module; The bidirectional thyristor module has small volume, structure is relatively simple and functional, light weight, etc. Bidirectional thyristor module itself is also, however, there is a poor anti-interference ability, when they control large inductance load disturbance of shortcomings, such as network and the disturbance, today small make up, and everyone to see how to avoid these disadvantages: bidirectional thyristor module a, bidirectional thyristor is a three-terminal device sensitivity, but we are no longer according to their Yin and Yang are two very very, but called T1 and T2, G for control and its control in regardless of the applied voltage is positive or negative trigger pulse to trigger all can make a control, second, the bidirectional thyristor module overload protection of two-way thyristor module benefits a lot, but it's overload ability is poor, short time overcurrent, overvoltage can create components damage, thus to guarantee the normal work of the components, should be: 1, bidirectional thyristor module more than permitted under the applied voltage is turning voltage, otherwise the control will not work; 2, bidirectional thyristor module state average current from the security perspective generally according to the extremely high current 1. 5 ~ 2 times to take; 3, bidirectional thyristor module to ensure control extremely reliable trigger, to control a trigger current general is greater than its value. Three, bidirectional thyristor module control large inductance load interference from the power grid and the interference of the solution the bidirectional thyristor module control large inductance load with interference power grid and the interference phenomenon, the reason is that when the bidirectional thyristor module inductive loads connected to the control of a circuit when opening or closing, the coil in the current path is cut off, the rate of change is great, so produce a high voltage in the inductance, the voltage by the power of internal resistance on the ends of the switch contact, then the induction voltage and discharge until the induced voltage is lower than the discharge voltage, must by in this process will produce great pulse beam. Above, of the bidirectional thyristor module manufacturer for everyone is how to avoid the drawback of the thyristor module information, hope to be of help!
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