What about style of stud mount scr by Positioning?
Stud mount scr is quite attractive and is practical to consumers, thanks to its professional designers. A comprehensive manufacturing method is constructed where design is simply a start. Custom made service can be obtained, a move meant to satisfy diverse requirements.

Yangzhou Positioning Tech. Co., Ltd has a very large market share in power thyristors with its excellent quality and competitive price. Positioning has created a number of successful series, and stud triac is one of them. Positioning semiconductor modules combines different bedding design principles. Because only by sticking to all the principles can we create a successful and compelling design. This product shows excellent properties against HV surge impact. This product is not easy to crinkle and crumple. People don't worry that their shape can't be kept after bending. This product stands out for its very high impedance.

Our factory insists on winning the semiconductor modules market with high quality and impresses customers. Please contact us!
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