We are not the same: plate type dc shunt and water-cooled shunt

by:Positioning     2021-06-01
Water-cooled type dc shunt shunt peace what's the difference? They are the same? Plate type dc shunt: & other; We don't like & throughout; 。 one Product purpose is expanding the scope of the instrument to measure current, both can be used for the power of the communication system of electronic machine automatic control circuit, such as current limiting. Both flow. Sampling. Detection function. two Water-cooled type dc shunt shunt peace main technical parameters: 1. Level of accuracy: 5 - 4000A:0. Level 5, 5000 - a 10000 a: 1. 2. Environmental conditions of use: - 40 ~ + 60 ℃, relative humidity & le; 95% ( 35℃) 3. Mechanical resistance: can withstand the acceleration is 70 m/s and impact frequency 80 - minute by minute 120 times six hours of transport jolt. 4. Rated current overload performance: 120%, 2 hours. 5. Voltage drop: 50 mv, 75 mv, 100 mv, 200 mv, 300 mv. 6. Hot under load, temperature changes below 50 a steady current does not exceed 80 ℃. More than 50 a rated current shall not exceed 120 ℃. 3. Water-cooled type dc shunt shunt peace said rules: FL - 2S 8000A 75mV 0. 5% water cooled shunt FL - 2 f 8000 75 mv 0。 5% plate type shunt ( Model) Current ( The pressure drop) ( Accuracy) This is water cooled the difference between the shunt and plate type dc shunt, difference in typing model the appearance of two shunt. Zhejiang rectifier co. , LTD. Is a production and operation, the shunt inverter shunt, environmental shunt, dc arc welding machine shunt shunt, high frequency power diverter environmental protection shunt, precision shunt, current meter shunt of the high-tech enterprises. Service hotline: 0577 62627555, we serve you wholeheartedly.
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