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by:Positioning     2020-12-12
There is customer feedback to us yesterday, thyristor module burn out soon, let's help the analysis reason when we found that is mostly because when being connected in the radiator and positioning hole deviation cause, even the visual micro fine long hair, once out of the positioning hole not work properly heat radiator, burn out breakdown risk unavoidably, remind you dear customers, must according to the standard requirements to be pressed. Water-cooled radiator and thyristor module USES note 1, users should according to the application can work points, ring, but often he and requirements, correct selection of water-cooled radiator with thyristor module parameters, and a reasonable allowance. 2, but device made conditions ( 1) Forced air cooling, wind speed & ge; 6 m/s ( 2) Water: traffic & ge; 4 LPM water temperature 5 ℃ to 35 ℃ water pressure & ge; 5 kgdm2 water: water p≥ 25 k0cm nutrilite products unavailable, shall ensure that conform to the provisions of article cooling otherwise should drop things to use number in use process, attention should be paid to the warm water. Please, prevent condensation prevention, appeared asked grace wrist processed in a timely manner to replace the radiator, water-cooled radiator and the installation of the thyristor module 1, water-cooled radiator to ensure the number ( The number of body) Of the positioning and element round positioning hole phase match, it is forbidden to pressure and the pressure is heavy, damage to the component 2, to do the water-cooled radiator and thyristor module of the surface of the heat processing, conditional with alcohol or just tampons put oil on the surface of the clear, clean dirt with 3, teach according to electrical diagram in the right direction with pressure. Finally examine water-cooled radiator and thyristor module and control and the controller connected correctly, water-cooled radiator and thyristor module testing prior to power 1, thyristor module control cathode electrode resistance RGK: use 200 multimeter test: the 935 ( Except TeTi requirements) 2, thyristor module resistance between the cathode anode BRAK: multimeter is the typical value of more than 20 k gear: dozens of KQ warm prompt: zhejiang co. , LTD. , the production of silicon controlled rectifier thyristor module has 16 years of application experience, matching installation thrust plate radiator solves the chint group in actual heat dissipation problem inverter power devices, hotline: 0577 - 62627555!
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