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Our component products are widely used for industries, public utilities and military projects. Such as small and medium resistance type   power load, inductive load ,motorcycle, power charge, E-tools, residual current circuit breaker, hair straightener, anion generator , Rectification for microwave oven, Industrial microwave power supplies, HF X ray source, Laser power supply, Voltage multiplying circuits, Rectification of power supplies for other electronic devices, Copying machine, Air cleaner, Laser, Micro medical instrument, Cottrell process, Cathode ray monitor, igniter, transportation, marine/rail propulsion systems, wind power converters, electrochemical power supplies, soft starters, motor control, lighting control, power factor compensation, electric vehicles, UPS, Inverter, DC chopper drives, Pulse Power applications, welding, Locomotive traction, induction heating and furnaces, Steel melt shop and foundry industry, electrochemistry and military electronics.

yzpst general products video
yzpst general products video
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