Typical applications of thyristor module is analysed for you

by:Positioning     2020-12-02
Thyristor module is widely used in different industries all kinds of purposes, such as: temperature, dimmer, excitation, electroplating, electrolysis, electric welding, plasma arc, charge and discharge, the voltage of power supply device, can also be used in ac motor soft start and general speed regulation of dc motor. The following simple introduce several typical application of thyristor module. A, dc motor, dc drive system is composed of soft starting, current, rotate speed PI regulator, power control section ( Thyristor module) , motor parts. Areas of application: the system can be wide used in blow molding, extrusion, printing and dyeing, Speed setting) , paper making, chemical industry, metallurgy, Wire drawing, rib steel wire drawing) , mining, machine tools ( Double housing planer, gantry milling head) , textiles, sugar and other industries. Second, the ac motor soft start the whole device consists of chassis, soft start control circuit, power regulation, transformer, fuse, etc, soft start control circuit can be made of analog circuit, microcontroller, PLC, such as microcomputer form to complete. Power part consists of thyristor intelligent communication module. Soft start control circuit based on transformer acquisition signal control signal, control thyristor module complete motor starting process and the requirements of operation. Areas of application: ac motor soft starting device can be widely used in the whole industry. Third, thermal control, dimming device generally by thyristor module, temperature controller, Instruments, PLC and microcomputer) And temperature testing parts. Application field: 1, various furnaces ( Such as: roller kiln, tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln, mesh belt furnace, resistance furnace, etc. ) Applied in the production of refractory ceramic processing, heating equipment, etc. 2, stage light, street light energy-saving control, all kinds of diffusion furnace, intermediate frequency furnace, such as crystal furnace. 3, chemical production, heating equipment, automobile exhaust purifier processing equipment. Four, electroplating, electrolysis by thyristor module transformer primary voltage control, transformer subprime answer the double inverse star ( Diode) Rectifier circuit, transformer secondary two star indirectly a balance of reactor L. By voltage or current control board to form closed-loop control, to achieve stable output voltage or current. Application field: 1, all kinds of parts and components production, jewelry processing, handicraft processing. 2, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing. 3, pure water manufacturing equipment. 4, aluminum processing plants, steel mills, steel pipe, and other enterprises. Part five, all kinds of power use it as a power regulation, and closed loop control, according to the actual situation can be made with various functions to adapt to the different needs of various types of power supply. Areas of application: widespread used in dc motor, generator excitation, dc screen ( Battery charging) The magnetization equipment, laser power,, ups power supply, etc. The above is my zhejiang co. , LTD. Intelligent thyristor rectifier module mainly several application direction, for reference only. My company's products in other areas there is still a wide range of application prospect, such as reactive power compensation equipment, ultrasound equipment, etc. Thyristor module true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If interested in our thyristor module or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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