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by:Positioning     2020-12-31
Since this year, thyristor module production workshop almost every day is busy. A lot of customer order is the number of thyristor module. Some customers will compare in a hurry. Often, order will we delivery the same day. For the busy workshop, no doubt, a larger workload. And it is easy to cause the question is: haste of thyristor module production, may not be so good in the packing. Company leadership attaches great importance to the matter, think it is not only well which on the one hand, should pay attention to every detail. So ultimately the company intends to certain inventory. So, workshop in the production of the thyristor module, some commonly used thyristor, my company is planning to produce some more, for inventory, so the next time the customer when ordering, workshop need only for this batch of thyristor module of retest once ready. The new and old customers in the choose and buy our thyristor module, don't hesitate, because we have been for you to consider all aspects of the problem. The goods time, quality, packaging, transport, these are not problems. So, if you also need to thyristor, consult our online customer service or directly dial the unified national service hotline: 0577 - 62627555, we serve you wholeheartedly.
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