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by:Positioning     2020-12-31
Thyristor module and IGBT modules are electrical equipment, have their role in the electrical industry have similarities, but there is a difference between them, to show you below thyristor module and what is the difference between the IGBT module? Thyristor module is also called the thyristor, in high voltage, high current applications, SCR is the mainstream of power devices, IGBT module development is rapid, to replace the trend of the SCR. SCR in large capacity, low frequency of the power electronic device is still dominant. Good performance of the thyristor derived device has a lot of, such as rapid, two-way, inverse guide, door may be shut off and optically controlled thyristor. IGBT thyristor, its structure is insulated gate bipolar field effect transistor, can trigger conduction, can also trigger tube is broken, so called whole control device; IGBT thyristor advantages: high input impedance and fast switching speed, wide aso, low saturation voltage, Even close to GTR saturation pressure drop) , high voltage, large current. Applied to small inverter, UPS power supply, motor and inverter welding machine, is the more rapid development of a new generation of power devices. With the development of packaging technology, IGBT module to replace the SCR has been used in many occasions. Above is the thyristor module and the difference between IGBT module, you learned? Warm prompt: zhejiang co. , LTD. , the production of silicon controlled rectifier thyristor module has 16 years of application experience, matching installation thrust plate radiator solves the chint group in actual heat dissipation problem inverter power devices, hotline: 0577 - 62627555!
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