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by:Positioning     2021-01-01
Thyristor rated performance and reliability of the power electronic devices such as the operation of the strong subject to device junction temperature, silicon controlled company relevant personnel often found in the on-site technical service and customer visiting, because of the radiator is not correct selection, installation, there is a big difference between the heat dissipation effect. Some radiator simply can not meet the cooling demand, will inevitably causes the damage of components. Now will introduce relevant information as follows, in order to attract the attention of users. On a user 1500 kw intermediate frequency smelting equipment, we use a simple digital multimeter attached point thermometers for KK2000A thyristor control core ceramic shell temperature were measured, compared to the same device, the same device, different radiator temperature under the same working conditions, in order to compare the radiator cooling effect. Specific measurement data is as follows: note: working conditions, the intermediate frequency power supply dc current is 1800 a, inlet water temperature of 40 & deg; C。 With this method the measured temperature, although there is a certain error, also does not represent a component of real shell temperature, but can clearly illustrate, through relatively radiator cooling effect in different situation have the very big difference. Because of the thyristor components during normal use shell temperature generally require less than 80 & deg; C, so the service life of the tube core has a great influence. Clearly at the same time, after any used radiator replacement tube core, cooling effect is significantly lower, especially after the replacement of three or four times, some of which have been can't use at all. Analysis its reason mainly has: (1) after using a cooling body, its pressure and subsidence (mesa Is necessary) , or damaged, replace the tube core, it is difficult to ensure the tube core mesa coincided with subsidence area coincide, so even reached the specified pressure, there is no guarantee that the cooling body contact with the tube core interface is uniform, closely. (2) water quality poor ( Hard water) After a period of time, water areas, used inside the cavity because of scale and reducing the cooling effect. (3) to use inferior radiator cooling water cavity material, poor ( Some use brass) , heat conduction performance is poor, is more serious is that butterfly spring and triangle gland because of substandard, after a short period of time use lose elasticity, make the pressure between the core and radiating body mesa dropped significantly, thus affect its heat dissipation effect. (4) the user there is no need for the installation of the equipment, change tube core by manual installation is difficult to meet the specification requirements. So we suggest that, for high power ( ≥ 1200) The thyristor, it is best to buy manufacturer of complete sets of components. Because manufacturers supporting the radiator quality is reliable, Quality commitment) , at the same time, manufacturers have dedicated tooling and equipment installation, to ensure the quality of assembly, and test again after installation, to ensure complete set of components, in addition, high power thyristor ( ≥ 1200) Prices generally every nearly one thousand yuan, only some of the thousands of yuan, and radiator every two hundred multivariate, but don't be penny wise and pound foolish. Current levels, we believe that with the method of the ceramic shell temperature measuring tube core to determine the cooling effect of the radiator is feasible and effective. Under the same working conditions, generally the ceramic shell temperature is high, that the cooling effect is relatively poor. Measuring temperature method is recommended to use the following methods: (1) portable infrared temperature tester, easy to use, reliable performance; (2) with the function of temperature measurement of the multimeter, temperature measuring head close to the tube core ceramic shell; Note: using this method, operated by professional maintenance personnel, and pay attention to safety. Using the above methods often check the temperature of the tube core ceramic shell, through relatively, the assessment of the effect of heat radiator, change in time can not meet the cooling effect of the radiator, can effectively improve the working current of thyristor, reduce the damage of the thyristor, and reduces the maintenance cost of the equipment. Thyristor module in normal work, will produce a lot of heat, so a good heat dissipation, Cooling) Is one of the necessary conditions for thyristor to work properly. High quality of the thyristor, deserve to go up qualified radiator, plus reasonable assembly correctly, can significantly reduce the damage of the thyristor, prolong its service life. Thyristor module knowledge relevant to the more welcome to visit the website. Thyristor & ndash; — Every year, every day, we are in progress, only to see your happy smile. If interested in our thyristor or there is doubt, rectifier welcome your consultation, we wholeheartedly at your service!
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