Thyristor module USES six key points that should be paid attention to

by:Positioning     2020-12-18
Thyristor module has the property of silicon rectifying device, can work under high voltage, high current conditions, are widely used in controlled rectifier, the ac voltage regulator, non-contact electronic switch, inverter and variable frequency electronic circuit, but thyristor in use should be paid attention to what issues? 1, choose the rated current of thyristor module, in addition to consider through the components of the average current, also should pay attention to the normal work when the size of the conduction angles, cooling ventilation conditions and other factors. At work should also pay attention to the pipe shell temperature not to exceed their electricity flow value. 2, before use, should use a multimeter to check thyristor module are in good condition. Found short circuit or open circuit phenomenon, should be replaced immediately. 3, it is forbidden to use megger ( The shaking table) Check the insulation condition of components. More than 4, the current is 5 a thyristor module to install the radiator, and the cooling conditions stipulated in the guarantee. In order to ensure the radiator tube good contact with the thyristor module, between them should be coated with a thin layer of organic silicone oil or silicone, to help with good heat dissipation. 5, according to the rules of the main circuit of thyristor module adopts the overvoltage and overcurrent protection device. 6, to prevent control very forward overload and reverse breakdown. That should be paid attention to for the thyristor module USES six points we have to understand, in order to avoid the lack of early detection, bring a bigger problem. Rectifier co. , LTD. , zhejiang province, since 2003, has been involved in 15 years, thyristor module from each customer Suggestions, we constantly improve, formed today's brand. Efforts to build an online strength in the Internet, thyristor module preferred brand. Consultation telephone: 0577 - 62627555. Welcome every call!
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