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by:Positioning     2021-03-12
With thyristor module gradually into the life, people with thyristor module also slowly, so how thyristor module is classified, the following is to introduce the thyristor module of five kinds of classification methods. ( A) According to shut off, conduction and control methods of classification: can be divided into ordinary thyristor, bidirectional thyristor, inverse, the gate turn off thyristor (silicon controlled rectifier GTO) , BTG thyristor, temperature control thyristor and electric silicon controlled rectifier, etc. ( 2) Classified by pins and polarity: SCR module can be divided by its pin and polarity diode, triode thyristor and quadrupole silicon controlled rectifier thyristor. ( 3) According to the classification packaging format: silicon controlled rectifier module according to its packaging forms can be divided into metal silicon controlled rectifier, encapsulation of SCR and ceramic packaging thyristor three types. Among them, the metal packaging SCR is divided into bolt shape, flat shape, round shell, etc; Encapsulation SCR is divided into with fin type and without fin type two kinds. ( 4) According to the current capacity classification: according to the current capacity can be divided into high power thyristor, thyristor module power thyristor and small power thyristor three. Usually, high power thyristor with metal shell encapsulation, while the medium and small power thyristor used more powder coating or ceramic package. ( 5) According to shut off the speed of classification: according to its turn off thyristor module speed can be divided into ordinary thyristor and high frequency ( Fast) Silicon controlled rectifier.
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