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by:Positioning     2021-04-18
In the actual thyristor module circuit, often on both ends of the parallel RC series, often referred to as RC circuit resistance capacity to absorb. We know that the thyristor module has an important characteristic parameters - off state voltage critical rate of climb DLV/DLT. It shows that the thyristor module under the condition of rated 'moderate gate circuit, thyristor module from the lowest voltage rise off state to state. If the voltage build-up rate is too large, more than the voltage build-up rate of the thyristor module value, will be in the impossible position very signal situations. Even at this time and for brake pipe forward voltage is lower than its anodic peak voltage module, this can happen also. Because thyristor module can be thought of as composed of three p-n junction. Under the thyristor module in the blocking state, because within easy reach of each layer, and the J2 junction plane is equivalent to a capacitor C0. When thyristor anode voltage change, will have the charging current flows through the capacitors C0, and through the J3 knot, the current gate triggering current. If in turn off thyristor module, anode voltage rise too fast, the greater the charging current of the C0, it may cause the gate in the absence of the trigger signal, thyristor misdirect phenomenon, is often said that hard to open, it is not allowed. Therefore, to add to the thyristor module on the anode voltage rise due and certain limitations. To limit circuit voltage build-up rate is too big, to ensure the safe operation of the thyristor module, and often on both ends of thyristor parallel RC resistance capacity to absorb the network, with the features on both ends of the capacitor voltage can't mutations to limit the voltage build-up rate. Because there is always the inductance of the circuit, The leakage inductance of the transformer or load inductance) , so with the capacitance C series resistance R damping effect, it can prevent the R, L, C circuit in the process of transition, because of the oscillation overvoltage damage is found on both ends of the capacitor thyristor module. By using thyristor module at the same time, avoid the capacitor discharge current is too large, over-current caused damage to the thyristor. Because of the thyristor module through the compression ability is very poor, if not reliable protection measures is not working. RC r-c absorption is one of the protection of the commonly used method. Purchasing SCR welcome to visit the website. Thyristor module true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If interested in our thyristor module or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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