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by:Positioning     2021-04-19
Thyristor module is a kind of current control type of bipolar semiconductor devices, it asks the gate drive unit is similar to a current source, to the door of the thyristor module provides a particularly steep peak current pulse, to ensure reliable at any time all can touch the hair crystal thyratron module. Thyristor module of gate trigger characteristics of thyristor rating has a very strong effect and characteristic parameters. We suggest user applications using strong trigger, trigger pulse current amplitude IG is greater than or equal to 10 igt; Pulse rise time tr≤ 1μs。 In order to ensure reliable work device, IG must be greater than the IGT. But in practice, many users to trigger pulse current amplitude and pulse rise time far failed to meet the above requirements. Especially in the field of motor soft start, many machine factory is given of the trigger pulse is very critical, and in some cases cannot make components. In the field of intermediate frequency power supply, inverter device of the trigger pulse gradient generally poor. According to different gate trigger condition the influence the characteristics of the thyristor module opening question, we conducted a series of simulation test. General requirements: in the light of the thyristor module gate trigger characteristics of thyristor opening process. Good trigger pulse can make the opening time of the device, open the loss reduce di/dt, devices tolerance ability enhancement. User applications should use the strong trigger way; Trigger pulse current amplitude: IG = 10 igt; Pulse rise time: tr≤ 1女士; Gate pulse width is greater than 50 microseconds; In order to ensure reliable work device, IG must be greater than the IGT. Under high di/dt use: device when used under high di/dt, especially when the blocking voltage of thyristor module are high, in the process of opening the door The grave lateral resistance voltage may be generated by more than the gate voltage, serious when, even can make the back gate current. The negative gate current causes opening loss to increase or device due to the damage of di/dt. High di/dt damage could lead to the device. If a Y50KKE device in VG10V, under the condition of the di/dt1200A/mu s IG waveform. Visible after the device opened 1 ms, the gate current reversal phenomenon. As a result, we require to use under high di/dt, gate trigger voltage VG, not less than 20 v or series diode on the gate line, to prevent the reverse gate current. Parallel of thyristor module using thyristor module series: thyristor series tube applications, to each other in series of each thyristor module should be consistent as far as possible, because the slower the opening of the device can withstand overvoltage, which requires the group phase between series thyristor module has a minimum deviation Δ td, the gate opening delay time and strong gate trigger pulse can make the delay time to minimize deviation Δ td. Thyristor module in parallel: steep and strong gate trigger pulse can make the parallel thyristor module opening features to minimize imbalance, which has the best flow effect. When used in parallel of thyristor module, requirement: IGM≈ 1 - 3A diG/dt≥ 1 / tr≤女士 1ms tp( IGM) = 5 - 20 ms thyristor module true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If interested in our thyristor module or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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