Thyristor module two way bigger than current protection

by:Positioning     2020-11-19
In the process of using thyristor module will often fail, affected the normal use, the cause of the malfunction, the only constant only on thyristor module in over-current protection, to guarantee the normal operation, then to introduce thyristor module two bigger than current protection ways: one, if you want a safer over-current protection, recommend that users use internal take priority over current protection of thyristor module. Second, also can use external quick fuse, fast overcurrent relay, sensor method. And fast fuse is the most simple and common method, is introduced as follows: 1, fast fuse choice; 2, fuse rated voltage should be greater than voltage of the input module; 3, the rated current of the fuse should be module 0 of the nominal input current. Six times, according to the calculated value is a little bigger or choose the same current fuse, the module of input, output current conversion relations refer to the relevant articles in this paper. Users can also be based on experience and test to determine the rated current of the fuse; 4, connection methods: quick fuse in the module of input, output load. Believe that everyone in the later use, do a good job in the work, can protect the thyristor module, avoid because of the flow of thyristor module fails, the lower the efficiency. Rectifier co. , LTD. , zhejiang province, since 2003, has been involved in 15 years, thyristor module from each customer Suggestions, we constantly improve, formed today's brand. Efforts to build an online strength in the Internet, thyristor module preferred brand. Consultation telephone: 0577 - 62627555. Welcome every call!
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