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by:Positioning     2020-12-25
Thyristor module and what is the relationship between the output current, what about how much you know about it, thyristor manufacturer to give you a detailed below. Thyristor conduction Angle and module can output is directly related to the maximum current, nominal current of thyristor module is the biggest can output the maximum current of the conduction angles. In the small conduction Angle ( The output voltage and input voltage ratio is very small) Under the current output is very sharp pulse, instrument display of current is very small, Dc meter generally shows average, communication instrument display non-sinusoidal current is smaller than the actual value) , but the effective value of output current is very big, is proportional to the square of the fever and RMS of semiconductor devices, can make the thyristor module severe fever even burned. Therefore, thyristor module should work in more than 65% of the maximum conduction Angle. Through the above understanding, a lot of customers on the thyristor module had certain understanding, you can choose according to own actual situation, to ensure the smooth progress of construction. More about thyristor SCR knowledge welcome login website. Warm prompt: zhejiang co. , LTD. , the production of silicon controlled rectifier thyristor module has 15 years experience of application of matching installation thrust plate radiator solves the chint group in actual heat dissipation problem inverter power devices, hotline: 0577 - 62627555!
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