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by:Positioning     2020-11-21
Intelligent voltage regulator module on the scope of application is relatively broad, so with the constant improvement of the technology, the use of intelligent thyristor module is in a relatively stable state, and on the function, intelligent thyristor module implements the over current, over voltage, over temperature and so on, so this requests us to install, use, and maintenance and so on also should according to its product specific types of specific analysis, we first to learn simple intelligent thyristor module under the basic installation steps. ( 1) In the intelligent pressure regulating module thermal conductive plate surface with the radiator surface evenly coated with a layer of thermal conductive silicone, then the modules are fixed on the radiator with four screws, don't a tight set screw, a few screws to fixed in turn, the strength should be uniform, repeated several times, until firm, make closely contact with the radiator surface module. ( 2) The radiator and fan assembly, according to the requirement of intelligent thyristor module vertical fixed in case suitable location. ( 3) The copper wire with terminal stud band tightly, the best immersion tin, then set on the insulation heat shrinkable tube, using hot air heat shrink. The wiring end fixed on the intelligent electrode regulating module, and maintain good plane contact pressure, are strictly prohibited to cable wire electrode pressure directly on the module. ( 4) To prolong the service life of intelligent thyristor module products, suggested that every 3 - 4 months maintenance time, change a thermal conductive silicone, to remove surface dust, tighten the line pressing screw. During the installation process, it need to pay special attention to matters are not many, as long as we are skilled to master the installation of intelligent thyristor module operation specification and pay attention to the details, believe in the installation of intelligent pressure regulating module will be easier. Purchasing SCR welcome to visit the website. If you are interested in intelligent thyristor module or have any questions, please click our online customer service or call 15306880222, thyristor module & ndash; Thyristor manufacturers.
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