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by:Positioning     2020-11-23
Because of the thyristor module overload ability is poorer, short time over-voltage or over-current can lead to the damage. While choosing a thyristor module to reasonably select element parameter and have safety allowance, but still need to be according to the working conditions of thyristor module to take appropriate protective measures, to ensure the normal operation of thyristor device. 1, thyristor module overvoltage protection cause of thyristor module overvoltage mainly operating overvoltage, surge overvoltage. According to the part of the overvoltage protection, ac side and dc side protection and sections for the protection of components, thyristor device can adopt overvoltage protection measures. 2, thyristor module overcurrent protection current through the thyristor module that considerably more than the normal working current, are called current. Over current occurs, if there is no protection, thyristor module will be damaged due to overheating. So to over-current protection measures, in thyristor module was not damaged before the overcurrent eliminate rapidly. Can choose according to actual circumstances, one or several kinds of thyristor device over-current protection. The role of the overcurrent protection measures are: (1) thyristor module in communication into line series reactor ( Without a rectifier transformer) Or use larger leakage reactance transformer is limit short circuit current and protect thyristor of effective measures, but the load voltage fall. (2) the thyristor module in setting the ac current detection device, using a current signal to control the trigger, the trigger pulse fast backwards ( The alpha Angle increases) Or instantaneous stop the thyristor turn-off, thus inhibiting the overcurrent. But in a reversible system, will cause the inverter failure after confiscating the pulse, so adopt the method of pulse fast backwards. (3) thyristor module by the ac current transformer connected to the overcurrent relay or dc side overcurrent relay access, during overcurrent action, disconnect input automatic switch, its setting value must be in tandem with the thyristor module adapt fast fuse overload characteristics. Thyristor module true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If interested in our thyristor module or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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