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by:Positioning     2020-12-21
Well-known thyristor module is characterized by the electrodes and the backplane electrical insulation; Has a good temperature characteristic and power circulation ability; Low pressure drop on state; International standard packaging, reasonable structure, use and reliable; Packaging small volume, light weight, easy installation and simple to use, maintenance. Thyristor module typically applied to the reactive power compensation, soft starter, inverter, contactless switch, electroplating, electrolysis, electric welding machine, thermal control, dimming and rectifying power supply and ac/dc motor control, etc. Thyristor manufacturer for everybody below a brief introduction of thyristor module of the working principle of several typical applications: a soft starter, soft starter, use three opposite parallel thyristor module as a voltage regulator, with this kind of circuit such as three-phase fully-controlled bridge rectifier circuit, using a motor soft starter start, gradually increased the output voltage of thyristor module, motor speed gradually, until the thyristor module conduction, all motor working in the rated voltage on the mechanical properties of smooth start, reduce the starting current, avoid start over-current trip. To wear it while plugged into a power supply and the motor stator. Second, electroplating, electrolysis by thyristor module control transformer primary voltage, transformer secondary answer the double inverse star ( Diode) Rectifier circuit, transformer secondary two star indirectly a balance of reactor L. By voltage or current control board to form closed-loop control, to achieve stable output voltage or current. Three, all kinds of power supply with thyristor module power regulation, and closed loop control, according to the actual situation can be made with various functions to adapt to the different needs of various types of power supply. Above is zhejiang co. , LTD. Of thyristor rectifier module analyses, several typical applications are for reference only. Thyristor module in inverter, reactive power compensation, soft start, new energy and other fields have a wide application, the product quality and service for the general customers the consistent high praise. Consultation telephone: 0577 - 62627555.
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