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by:Positioning     2021-03-07
With the continuous development of power electronics industry, silicon controlled module application more and more widely; Thyristor module specific application in which industries? Then introduced by thyristor manufacturer for you: electroplating industry: galvanized, tin plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, plating cadmium, lead, copper, plated silver plated, gold plated, alloy plating, imitation gold plating, etc. Oxide industry: aluminum oxide, aluminum alloy oxidation, anodic oxidation, hard oxidation, micro-arc oxidation, etc. Electrolytic industry: electrolytic copper, manganese, antimony, silver and other non-ferrous metal, electrolytic polishing and electrolytic refining, hydrogen production by electrolysis of water, electrolytic water, electrolytic degreasing, electrolytic pickling, neodymium, boron, rare earth smelting; Electrophoresis industry: electrophoresis paint; Other industries: water treatment, single crystal furnace heating, electric arc furnace heating, into aluminum foil corrosion, oxidation coloring, vacuum coating, etc. High frequency switching power supply and silicon-controlled rectifier and linear dc power supply can be referred to as dc power, about the three kinds of dc power supply circuit structure, whether SCR power supply or linear dc power supply, high-frequency switching power supply or depends on the specific situation, reasonable use. The three kinds of dc power supply circuit, the international and domestic extensive use, each have each characteristic. Linear dc power supply with its high precision, good performance and is widely used; Silicon controlled rectifier for current do big, power to do a lot of, excellent stability and widely used; High frequency switching power supply for eliminating the bulky power frequency transformer and reduce volume and weight are different degrees of, ease, and is widely used in many relatively stable output voltage, output current.
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