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by:Positioning     2021-03-08
Thyristor module and other power device, to work as its power consumption and fever. If you do not take appropriate measures to this kind of heat to send out, it could cause module tube core PN junction temperature rising sharply. Cause deterioration of device characteristics, until completely damaged. SCR ( Thyristor) Power consumption is mainly composed of conduction loss, switch loss, gate loss of three parts. Under power frequency or 400 hz frequency application is the main conduction loss. Device in order to ensure the long term and reliable work, design of radiator and the choice of the ways of cooling and power semiconductor module current voltage rating of choice are equally important, don't careless! The commonly used heat radiator ways are: natural air cooling, forced air cooling, heat pipe cooling and water cooling, oil cooling, etc. View of the general principles of heat dissipation problem is: control module in the junction temperature of tube core Tj shall not exceed the rating of the product data sheet given junction temperature. In fact, silicon controlled module component junction temperature is not easy to direct measurement, so can't use it as the criterion of whether overtemperature. The temperature of the slab by controlling module ( The shell temperature Tc) To control the junction temperature is an effective method. Because of PN junction temperature the Tj and shell temperature Tc there exists a certain temperature gradient, know the shell temperature also knew taking temperature, and the highest shell temperature Tc is limited, given by the product data sheet. With the help of a temperature control switch can be easily measured by contact with the radiator in the module of base plate temperature ( Temperature sensing element should be placed in the highest temperature of the base module location) 。 From temperature control on-off measurement to shell temperature can judge whether the work of the module is normal. If the increase in the line of one or two temperature control circuit, respectively control the main loop of the fan in the open or on and off ( Stop) , can effectively guarantee the thyristor ( Thyristor) Modules work normally under rated junction temperature. Need to point out that the temperature of the temperature control switch to measure surface temperature of the bottom plate is thyristor module, vulnerable to the environment, the influence of air convection, contact with thyristor module and radiator temperature on the surface of the Tc, there is a certain difference ( About low several times to ten degrees) Control, so the actual temperature should be lower than of Tc value. The user can according to the actual situation and decided to control the temperature of the experience.
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