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by:Positioning     2021-03-09
Thyristor module belongs to a kind of very common intelligent module, its application range is very wide, this kind of thyristor module when used to effectively control, so what should be how to effectively control thyristor module? This article introduce in detail. 1) SCR module control method: after input module control interface of an adjustable voltage or current signal, through adjusting the size of the signal can be smoothly to the module output voltage size adjustment, implementation module output voltage from 0 v to any or all the conduction process, voltage or current signal can be derived from various control instrument, computer, D/A output potentiometer directly from A variety of methods, such as dc power supply pressure; Control signals using 0 0 - 5 v 10 v, 4 - 20 ma three categories are a common way of control. (2) the thyristor module control port and the line of control: control end interface module has 5 feet, 9 feet, and his feet three types, corresponding to the five core, 9 core and 15 core line, using the voltage signal of products using only the first five feet port, the other is empty, use current signal of 9 feet is signal input, control of shield wire to weld to the dc source online, can't and other terminal short circuit connection, prevent can work normally or not may burn out SCR module. Purchasing SCR welcome website.
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