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by:Positioning     2021-03-13
Thyristor module belongs to a form of using module encapsulation, has three p-n junction four layer structure of high power semiconductor devices, the volume of the thyristor module is very small, structure is compact, has great role for maintenance and installation of the thyristor module type very much, for example, pressure type, welding type silicon controlled thyristor module module, a lot of people are not clear the difference between the two, to differentiate the detail below. (1) from the current ways, thyristor module can do 160 a current welding type, pressure type module at the same time the current can reach 1200 a, which is below 160 a module, not only have welded, at the same time also has a type of pressure. Thyristor module (2) the ways, from the appearance of welded thyristor module is far from the shape of the crimping type is better, type of pressure molding belongs to an organic whole, technology is very standard, and welded parts may have traces of welding, but at the time of use is no influence. (3) it is well known that the crimping type SCR module market share is very big, there are a lot of companies will use pressure type SCR module, the reason may be due to its appearance is very beautiful, in addition, from the aspects of price welded thyristor module cost is much than the crimping type SCR module cost is low. Welcome to visit website more about thyristor knowledge
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