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by:Positioning     2021-04-01
Thyristor module is our life we often use the same products, so at the time of use, have a knowledge of all aspects of it or very be necessary, the following will introduce for everybody thyristor module converts the voltage rate: 1, when the thyristor module drive a large inductive load, the load voltage and current with a large phase shift. 2, when the load current through the zero, the bidirectional thyristor module start reversing, but because of the relationship between the phase shift, the voltage will not be zero. So requires rapidly shut off the silicon controlled voltage. 3, if the reversing the change of the voltage exceeds allowable values, there is no enough time to make the junction between the charge release, and was forced to make the bidirectional thyristor module back to conducting state. 4, between thyristor module terminal MT1 and MT2 plus a RC network to limit the voltage changes, to prevent false triggering, generally, take 100 resistance r, capacitance take 100 nf, it is worth noting that this resistance can't save.
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