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by:Positioning     2021-03-26
Well-known thyristor module with unlimited storage time, can work under the condition of no dc polarity for a long time, instantaneous reverse voltage generally will not damage the silicon controlled rectifier module, but still need to pay attention to. Thyristor module in practice is not necessarily always has a dc bias voltage, nonpolar tantalum capacitor can be made, but the price is more expensive, and not use after storage, if two of the same SCR module to back-to-back series, can get non-polar capacitors, half of the total electricity capacity of each series capacitor, namely C / 2. A good performance of thyristor module in the moment of turning on the power supply, multimeter, whose hands should have large swing, the greater the capacity of silicon controlled rectifier module, whose hands of the swing is, the greater the wobble, the clock will gradually return to zero, if the silicon controlled rectifier module at the instant of the electricity, the multimeter pointer does not swing, thyristor module failure or circuit; If the clock has instructed the power supply voltage and not as a swing, show that SCR module have been breakdown short circuit; If the clock oscillation is normal, but do not return to zero, capacitor have leakage phenomenon. About current thyristor module exception handling method is to introduce you to here, we can according to the paper explain the content, making the actual operation, in the process of actual application you can easy to use, and improve the efficiency of work. Rectifier co. , LTD. , zhejiang province, since 2003, has been involved in 15 years, thyristor module from each customer Suggestions, we constantly improve, formed today's brand. Efforts to build an online strength in the Internet, thyristor module preferred brand. Consultation telephone: 0577 - 62627555. Welcome every call!
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