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by:Positioning     2021-02-04
Thyristor module as a kind of common circuit control scheme, known by developers in many circuits. Thyristor module performance is superior, but in some cases it will also be out of control situation, the developer must be mastered in advance can cause the circumstance of out of control of thyristor module for circuit protection. This paper will focus on the circumstance of out of control of silicon controlled rectifier is analyzed, and summarized into three reasons. A, the forward blocking thyristor module lower first look at the first cause of thyristor is out of control, that is the forward blocking thyristor power down. In the usual application, if the silicon controlled for a long time need not, while at the same time because of bad sealing be affected with damp be affected with damp, so thyristor forward blocking ability is very easy to reduce, thyristor forward blocking ability decreased to less than the secondary voltage of rectifier transformer silicon components don't trigger pulse arrival naturally conduction, lead to impulse control not work, the output voltage waveform is one half wave, the excitation voltage. Second, maintain current is too small a second common cause of the thyristor is out of control is to maintain current in the circuit is too small, because the generator rotor is give priority to high current load inductance, for half controlled bridge, after zero voltage and current is not zero, even if half controlled bridge have stream tube in side inductance load, but if stream pipe of the pressure drop is higher than the pipe pressure drop of the conduction of the thyristor, inductance on the current flow in addition to the most from the stream tube, there is still a part of the current flows in the conduction of the thyristor module. Although the current attenuation, but the applied voltage negative half cycle, the whole current failed to maintain current down to less than, to the next one and a half weeks coming, the silicon components don't need to trigger pulse arrival will continue conducting. So it continues, a continuous conduction phase SCR module, also due to high current output error excitation. Lost lost three, trigger pulse trigger pulse is the third important cause of the thyristor out of control, the circuit system under the premise of normal operation, if the three-phase pulse is normal, even small maintain current thyristor can ensure normal phase, there will not be out of control, and once lost the pulse, the thyristor module can not ensure normal commutation, element itself will be out of control. SCR is out of control situation in circuit design factors are mostly caused by the three conditions. Need forward blocking force is reduced, attaches great importance to the circuit for the seal, and to maintain too little electricity requires developers to stay focused on large current. Throw the pulse phenomena to maintain the normal phase of SCR developers, as long as the above three points for attention, believe that everyone can easy control thyristor module is out of control phenomenon. Welcome to visit more about thyristor knowledge's official website.
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