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by:Positioning     2021-03-17
Thyristor module is short for silicon controlled rectifier element, is a kind of has three p-n junction four layer structure of high power semiconductor devices, generally composed of two thyristor reverse connection. But you know the character of it? Today we give everybody to popularize the knowledge about the structure and characteristics of thyristor module, thyristor module from the main points on the spiral shape, plate type and flat type 3 kinds. The application of spiral. A thyristor module has three electrodes & ndash; — The anode ( 一) The cathode ( C) And control ( G) 。 It has a tube core is a p-type and n-type conductor conductor overlap of the four layers of structure, there are three p-n junction. Thyristor module and only a p-n junction silicon rectifier tube on the structure is very different. Four layers structure of thyristor module and control reference, for its play & other; In small control throughout large &; The excellent control characteristic of laid a foundation. In the application of silicon controlled rectifier module, as long as in the control and small current or voltage, can control a lot of anode current or voltage. Now can produce current capacity up to several hundred amperes to thousands of ampere thyristor. Generally called silicon controlled under the ampere of five small power thyristor, more than 50 amperes SCR is called high power thyristor. Thyristor module why its & other; In small control throughout large &; The controllability of? First of all, we can put the number of upward from the cathode of the first, second and third layer surface is an NPN transistor model, and two, three, four layers of another PNP transistor. Among them the second and third floor are for two common tube overlap. When combined with a forward voltage between anode and cathode Ea, and in the control between the G and C cathode input is a trigger signal, will produce base current Ib1 BG1, amplifying, magnified BG1 there will be a beta 1 times the collector current IC1. Because BG1 collector and BG2 base are linked together, IC1 and BG2 base current Ib2. BG2 and Ib2 than ( Ib1) Amplify the beta 2 collector current IC2 back to base of BG1 amplification. So loop amplifier, until BG1 and BG2 complete conduction. This process is & other; Explosive & throughout; Process, for thyristor module, the trigger signal to control, silicon controlled module immediately conduction. Conduction time mainly depends on the performance of the thyristor module. Thyristor module as soon as the trigger conduction, because of feedback loops, inflow BG1 base current has not only the initial Ib1, but after BG1 and BG2 amplification of current ( β1 *β2 * Ib1) The current is greater than the Ib1, enough to keep BG1 continuous conduction. The trigger signal even disappear, thyristor module remain Ea on state only power off or reduce the Ea, make BG1 and BG2 the collector current is less than to maintain the minimum value, the conduction thyristor module can shut off. Of course, if the Ea polarity reverse connection, BG1 and BG2 due to reverse voltage effect would be in cut-off condition. At this moment, even if the input trigger signal, thyristor module can't work. Ea, in turn, into a positive, and trigger signal is negative, thyristor module can't conduction. In addition, without the trigger signal, and the positive anode voltage to exceed a certain value, the thyristor conduction, but now belongs to the abnormal working condition. Thyristor module this by triggering signal, A small trigger current) To control the conduction ( Through a large current in silicon controlled rectifier) Controllable feature, is it different from common characteristic of the silicon rectifier diode. Today for thyristor module is introduced so much, you know? If there is doubt, please consult our website, we will answer you in time.
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