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by:Positioning     2020-11-28
Solid state relay and thyristor module as a common electronic components, in our daily electronic products have been widely used, so, what's the difference between these two components? Solid state relay is also made for the main components of silicon controlled rectifier module, the difference is that solid state relay operation voltage and the control voltage through internal light lotus root separation circuit, can tear open a solid state relay to observe internal, compare the oh. Thyristor module can be unidirectional, also can be a two-way, can be zero passage trigger phase shift trigger, solid state relay is also so. Form as a result, their purpose, all have the same type of products, from this point, Use the form, nature perspective) There is no difference, because the solid state relay is also made of silicon controlled rectifier ( For the solid state relay of the transistor) 。 So what are the difference between them that? Will not be a thing, two names? Their difference is that SCR silicon controlled rectifier, solid state relay is + synchronous trigger thyristor module. This is the difference. Specializing in the production of thyristor module and the application of solid state relay for 16 years experience, has always been in the industry leading level, won numerous praise! If you are interested in our silicon controlled rectifier module and solid state relay or doubt, welcome to inquire! Free consultation telephone 0577 - 62627555
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