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by:Positioning     2021-04-04
Single-phase solid state relay and to SCR module, said many people are silly points not clear, more can't understand what is the role and difference between the two, in fact, thyristor module and single-phase solid state relay is easy to separate, take a look at below thyristor module and the difference between single-phase solid state relay. So-called single-phase solid state relay, it only amounts to a switch, cannot have the effect of any adjust current, and conduction Angle of silicon controlled rectifier module can controller, can adjust the size of electric current, and from a certain extent, single-phase solid state relay is can make, silicon controlled rectifier as the main component is different, solid state relay operation voltage and the control voltage separation through internal circuit such as optical coupling, if don't understand, believe in a fixed relay to see inside. In addition, the thyristor can be one-way can also be a two-way, can be zero passage trigger phase shift trigger, of course, so it is with the solid state relay. Thyristor module, as it were, with the purpose of the single-phase solid state relay, form all have the same type of products, from this also can say there is no difference between, fixed relay is made of silicon controlled rectifier. Many people may say, so there is no difference between both? Actually otherwise, thyristor module and single-phase solid state relay is also have difference, the difference mainly lie in the thyristor, thyristor and fixed relay is single-phase SCR + synchronous trigger. Believe that through the above introduction, you should be understanding of thyristor module and single-phase solid state relay is very clear, if want to distinguish, is also very good, both directly through the shape you can tell the difference. If interested in our single phase solid state relay or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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