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by:Positioning     2021-03-11
SCR module according to the structure and purpose is different, there are many types of points, different kinds of silicon controlled natural characteristics, so consumers when choosing thyristor must be combined with the actual situation to choose. That is to say, everybody before choosing thyristor, must advance to know various types of SCR. Silicon controlled common types are: 1, bidirectional thyristor. It's been mentioned more frequently a thyristor, its characteristic is that you can use the positive or negative control pulse to control the direction of the two current conduction, is often used for temperature control, lighting, and direct current speed regulation and directional control circuit, etc. 2, inverse SCR. The SCR is mainly used for speed control of dc power supply vehicle, see more speed regulation is the trolleybus. 3, can turn off thyristor. This is a new type of silicon controlled rectifier, mainly use is extremely pulse can trigger control, and the negative control of anode current pulses can be shut off, restore the blocking state, this feature can be used to make contactless switch or for dc voltage regulation, the television boc scanning circuit and high voltage pulse generator circuit, etc. 4, fast thyristor. The thyristor can work under high frequency, used in high power dc switch, electrical machining power supply, laser power and radar modulator circuits. Different kinds of thyristor module its use also is differ, again to remind the broad masses of friends to be cautious when choosing silicon controlled rectifier, to comprehensively to choose multiple aspects, ensure to select the suitable silicon controlled rectifier module.
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