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by:Positioning     2021-03-23
Thyristor module is a kind of high power electric components, also known as the thyristor module. It has the advantages of small volume, high efficiency, long life. The control of the rectifier module has been widely used in the rectification. Thyristor module benefits a lot, but it's overload ability is poor, short time overcurrent, overvoltage element damage, thus to guarantee the normal work of the components should be condition: ( 1) Under the applied voltage thyristor module allows more than positive change voltage, otherwise the control will not work; ( 2) Thyristor module state average currents from the security perspective may according to the maximum current of 1. 5 ~ 2 times to take; ( 3) In order to ensure the control extremely reliable trigger thyristor module, to control a trigger current generally is greater than its value, in addition to this, also must adopt measures to protect, collective protection measures are commonly quick fuse series in the circuit, the current average 1 rated current take SCR module. Around five times, its position in the access to the ac or dc side, when the ac rated current take bigger, more commonly used the former, over voltage protection often occur in the presence of the inductance of the circuit, or disrupt a surge voltage or the ac ac transient process of the overvoltage. Because, overvoltage spike high, short duration, often be suppressed by the absorbing circuit of the resistance and capacitance. Zhejiang ( Shanghai) Co. , LTD. 15 years to focus on silicon controlled rectifier module, independent research and development production of thyristor module, soft start thyristor module, thyristor module radiator. Consultation telephone: 0577 - 62627555, we serve you wholeheartedly.
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