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by:Positioning     2021-03-31
Silicon controlled rectifier module: as a diode rectifier, dc, ac rectifier for and under the condition of the ac voltage is constant, effectively control the size of the dc output voltage is controlled rectifier, realize the communication & rarr; A variable dc shift; Contactless power static switch ( Solid state switch) : as a power switch device, thyristor module can be used instead of contactor, relay to switch frequency is very high. Therefore thyristor module components are widely used in all kinds of electronic equipment and electronic products in the circuit, as controlled rectifier, inverter, inverter, voltage regulator, use the non-contact switch, etc. Dimming lights, fan speed regulation of household electrical appliances, changes in temperature air conditioner, water heater, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, camera, audio combination, acoustic control circuit, timing controller, induction lights, Christmas lights controller device, automatic door circuit, as well as toys, electric tools products, wireless remote control circuit, video camera is widely used in industrial control field, such as the thyristor module components. Zhejiang production of various kinds of specifications models of silicon controlled rectifier module, thyristor module, solid state relay module, the diode module, rectifier bridge module, such as supporting the radiator products, sincerely look forward to the cooperation with various companies and procurement staff, to provide affordable, quality and reliable electronic components.
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