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by:Positioning     2020-12-28
Thyristor module between the anode and A cathode K relationship between voltage and anode current thyristor module called volt-ampere characteristics of thyristor module, as shown in figure 2 shows. Positive features is located in the first quadrant, reverse characteristic in the third quadrant. Figure 2 thyristor module schematic drawing volt-ampere characteristic parameters ( 1) Reverse characteristic when open gate G, anode and reverse voltage ( See figure 3) J2 junction are partial, but J1, J2 junction reverse slant. At this time can only flow through the small reverse saturation current, when the voltage is to further improve the J1 knot after the avalanche breakdown voltage, breakdown, J3 and also current increases rapidly, as shown in figure 2 the characteristic curve of the OR began to bend and bend the voltage URO called & other; Turn the voltage & throughout; 。 Since then, thyristor module permanent reverse breakdown happens. Figure 3 anode and reverse voltage anode and the forward voltage (figure 4 2) Forward characteristic when open gate G, anode (when combined with A forward voltage See figure 4) , J1, J3 knot is partial, but J2 junction reverse bias, the reverse characteristic is similar to that of a normal PN junction, can only through the small current, this call forward blocking state, when the voltage increase, as shown in figure 2 the characteristic curve of OA began to bend and bend the voltage UBO called & other; Positive turning point voltage & throughout; 。 Because after the avalanche breakdown voltage of the voltage rise to J2 junction, J2 junction avalanche multiplication effect, at the junction area to produce large Numbers of electrons and holes, electrons into the N1 area, hole into the P2 area. Electronic and by the P1 area through entering a N1 area J1 junction injection hole recombination in N1. Similarly, into the hole and P2 area by N2 area by J3 knot into P2 area electronic composite, avalanche breakdown after entering the electrons and holes into the P2 area of N1 area compound away all their can't. Such, accumulated in N1 area have electronic, there are holes in the P2 area accumulation, P2 area potential rise as a result, the potential decline of N1 area, J2 junction is partial, as long as the current increases slightly, voltage drops rapidly, a so-called negative resistance characteristics of the dotted line AB section as shown in figure 2. When the J1, J2, J3 three junction in the forward bias, thyristor module will enter a state of positive conductive & ndash; — State, at this point, it features with the ordinary PN junction forward characteristic similar to that of BC segment as shown in figure 2. ( 3) Trigger conduction, joins in the forward voltage on gate G ( As shown in figure 5) , because J3 is partial, the hole into the N2 area of P2 area, the electronic entering P2 area of N2 area, form a trigger current IGT. In the interior of the thyristor module positive feedback effect, As shown in figure 2) , on the basis of the effect of IGT, combined to make thyristor module conduction in advance, causes the volt-ampere characteristics of OA in the figure 2 left shift, the greater the IGT, characteristics of the faster shift to the left. Zhejiang rectifier co. , LTD. , the production of various kinds of specifications models of intelligent thyristor module, solid state relay module, rectifier bridge module, all kinds of control cabinets and matching module USES the aluminum radiator products, sincerely look forward to the cooperation with various companies and procurement staff, to provide affordable, quality and reliable electronic components.
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