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by:Positioning     2021-03-25
Silicon controlled rectifier module, referred to as 'SCR ( Thyristor) We commonly known as power semiconductor module, in the daily. The operation of the SCR module and the surrounding environment must the relationship and influence, and if it is under the condition of the low temperature environment will have to pay attention to some things talents to ensure their normal operation. Then by thyristor module small make up to you to introduce that should pay attention to when the low temperature SCR module run three points: 1, in - 40 ℃ under the working conditions, to ensure the normal operation of thyristor module, there must be satisfy the intensity of the thyristor gate trigger current to ensure that the launch of the equipment. 2, equipment should be considered according to the environmental temperature and the selection of radiator. 3, in the case of equipment frequent start, stop, should pay attention to the use of thyristor module stature and security is decreased. Thyristor module forever only a little more than a rival, is more than a little thought for the customer. If interested in our silicon controlled rectifier module or there is doubt, welcome your consultation. We wholeheartedly for your service.
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