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by:Positioning     2021-03-15
Thyristor module commonly used trigger circuit with phase shift resistance capacity of bridge, unijunction transistor trigger circuit, transistor trigger circuit, using small thyristor trigger thyristor trigger circuit, and so on. Thyristor module of the main parameters are: 1, rated state IT under certain conditions, the average current anode - - - Between the cathode can be continuously by the average of 50 hz sine half-wave current. 2, forward blocking peak voltage VPF in control is extremely open without the trigger signal, anode forward voltage is not more than lead to voltage, can be repeated with the positive peak voltage at the ends of the thyristor module. Thyristor module on the forward voltage peak, no more than the manual gives the parameter values. 3, reverse blocking to add reverse voltage, peak voltage VPR when thyristor module in the reverse turn off state, can be repeated on peak reverse voltage at the ends of the thyristor module. When used, no more than the manual gives the parameter values. 4, control triggering current Ig1, triggering voltage VGT at ambient temperature, anode - - - Between the cathode with a certain voltage, thyristor module from the off state into conducting state the minimum needed to control current and voltage. 5, maintain current IH, under specified temperature control circuit, the minimum necessary to sustain the thyristor module conduction anode forward current. Many new thyristor appeared, such as fast thyristor is suitable for high frequency applications, can use positive or negative trigger signal conduction of bidirectional thyristor control two direction, can be used is the trigger signal conduction, with negative trigger signal to make it turn off thyristor, and so on. Welcome to visit more about silicon controlled thyristor knowledge's official website.
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