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by:Positioning     2020-11-21
Thyristor module according to the contour points can be classified as convex, concave, half thickness and bolt. In the choice of thyristor module is used bolt type or plate type good? Bolt type thyristor is earlier appeared in the market of a rectifier thyristor module, in the 90 s, is one of the popular thyristor module, with the upgrading of market, plate type thyristor gradually replaced the thyristor bolt type, whether in price, or over current as well as the installation and maintenance aspects, plate type thyristor have more advantages than the bolt type thyristor. Plate type thyristor module USES nitrogen pressure welding process; Products small pressure drop, flow ability, trigger characteristics consistent, voltage characteristic is consistent, encapsulation, sealing strong, longer life more durable; Plate type thyristor are widely used in the soft starter, soft start cabinet, welding equipment, industrial furnace, high-power inverter, charging equipment, ac/dc motor control, ac/dc switch, phased rectifier and active and passive inverter, etc. Plate type thyristor module & ndash; Domestic professional electronic components manufacturer, we practice & other Don't accept nonconforming, manufacturing nonconforming, unqualified products & output throughout; Quality self-check management concept, to be perfect quality! Welcome to dial 0577 - 62627555, or click on the right side of the counseling online customer service! We serve you wholeheartedly!
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