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by:Positioning     2021-04-09
Ordinary thyristor is used more extensively power electrical components, has a good on-off, rectifier, voltage regulator, frequency, etc. Working principle of ordinary thyristor and use what are, to do a detailed analysis for you. Ordinary thyristor purpose is controlled rectifier. The familiar diode rectifier circuit is controlled rectifier circuit. If change the diode thyristor, can constitute a controllable rectifier circuit. With Zui simple single-phase half-wave controlled rectifier circuit as an example, the sinusoidal ac voltage during the positive half cycle of U2, if VS control no input trigger Ug, VS still can't conduction, only when U2 in the positive half cycle, in the control and trigger pulse when the Ug, triggered thyristor module conduction. Draw its waveform ( c) And ( d) , only in the trigger pulse Ug arrival, load on the RL is UL output voltage. Ug come early, thyristor conduction time is earlier; Ug coming late, thyristor module conduction time is late. By changing the control trigger on Ug arrival time, you can adjust the average load on the output voltage of UL. In the electrotechnics, often alternating current (ac) half cycle as 180 & deg; , known as the electrical point of view. In U2 are each half cycle, from zero to trigger Angle of arrival instant of electricity is called control Angle alpha; In each is half weeks thyristor conduction Angle of electric conduction Angle theta. Obviously, the alpha and theta are used to represent the forward voltage under ordinary thyristor conduction or block the range of half a cycle. By changing the control Angle alpha or conduction Angle theta, change the pulse dc voltage on load average UL, controlled rectifier is realized. Ordinary thyristor real experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If interested in our ordinary thyristor or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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