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by:Positioning     2020-11-27
Ordinary thyristor module is the most basic purpose is controlled rectifier. The familiar diode rectifier circuit is controlled rectifier circuit. If the diode with silicon controlled rectifier, can constitute a controlled rectifier circuit, inverter, motor speed, motor excitation, non-contact switch and the power control, etc. Now I draw one of the most simple single-phase half-wave controlled rectifier circuit. Thyristor module in sinusoidal ac voltage during the positive half cycle of U2, if VS control no input trigger Ug, VS still can't conduction, only when U2 in the positive half cycle, in the control and trigger pulse when the Ug, thyristor trigger conduction. Silicon controlled rectifier module is the heart of the medium frequency power supply, its correct use is essential to the operation of intermediate frequency power supply. A medium frequency power supply damage a year SanWuZhi SCR is normal, if often burn silicon furnace lockout, affect the production, will cause alarm. The working current of thyristor module from several hundred to several thousand Ann Ann, usually in a couple of kv voltage, good master plate protection and good water conditions is essential. The damage of the overload characteristics of thyristor, thyristor is called the breakdown.
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