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by:Positioning     2020-11-30
Often have a customer asked, & other; Your SCR module quality? ” 、“ Shortly before I place an order of thyristor module with bad, you will have better quality? ” And so on all sorts of struggle with the quality problem, I think you can rest assured that can give you a satisfactory answer: quality is guaranteed, can let you use the rest assured, with enjoyable. Thyristor module quality guarantee, dare you more rest assured the quality is so confident, because we are continuous in the whole process of operation have IPQC inspection, and three times of all testing. Workshop production of thyristor module requires partners for production according to the requirements of the production order list, and every product should be well first and put into production only after confirmed by the engineer, at the time of production requires primary full inspection, secondary full inspection, to ensure correct before final inspection shall be conducted by quality inspection personnel. Thyristor module quality final inspection request full inspection the appearance of the finished product, such as labels, wire type, and so on; Once again at the same time all the performance parameters of each product, such as product of no-load loss and no-load current, load voltage, etc. , it is important to quality control can also withstand voltage test and load aging test, of course, each product related parameters are then passed on to quality department archive records. Thyristor module in the process of production cengcengbaguan, strict on quality, to ensure that nonconforming product, don't do not outflow nonconforming, responsible for each product, responsible for every customer. If you are interested in SCR module or have any questions, please click our online customer service 24 hours a day 18058357161.
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