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by:Positioning     2021-03-02
Thyristor module, full name silicon controlled rectifier components, the following is an introduction to the structure of silicon controlled rectifier module. Thyristor module is composed of four layers of semiconductor materials, there are three p-n junction, external has three electrodes, the first layer of p-type semiconductor lead electrode is called the anode, A layer 3 P type semiconductor lead electrode is called control G, layer 4 N type semiconductor lead electrode is cathode K. Symbols can be seen from the thyristor circuit, it is a kind of single direction and diode conductive device, the key is to have one more control G, which makes it has a totally different from diode work features. In number as the basic material layer P1N1P2N2 four three-terminal devices, began in 1957, because of the characteristics of the thyristor module is similar to the vacuum thyratron, so internationally known as silicon crystal thyratron, referred to as 'thyristor T, and because in static rectifier thyristor initially, so they are called the silicon controlled rectifier components, referred to as SCR silicon controlled rectifier module. In performance, thyristor module is not only a one-way electrical conductivity, but also has the silicon rectifier components ( Commonly known as' silicon die ') More valuable controllability. It only conduction and shut off two kind of state. Current control of high power thyristor module to milliamperes mechanical and electrical equipment, if more than the power, because components switch loss increased significantly, allowed by the average current phase is reduced, at this point, the nominal current should be downgraded. Thyristor module a lot of advantages, such as: the small power control power, power magnification of up to hundreds of thousands of times; Fast response, in the open in the microsecond, shut off; Non-contact operation, no spark, no noise; High efficiency, low cost and so on. Thyristor module weakness: static and dynamic overload ability is poor; Susceptible to interference and misleading. Thyristor module from the shape classification mainly include: bolt shape, flat shape and flat shape. The structure of the thyristor module components: no matter how the appearance of thyristor module, silicon controlled rectifier tube core are composed of p-type silicon and n-type silicon P1N1P2N2 four layer structure, there are three p-n junction ( J1、J2、J3) , from the P1 of J1 structure layer anode A, K level from the N2 layer Yin, from the P2 layer control G, so the thyristor module is A four layer three terminal semiconductor device.
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