Thyristor module manufacturer to teach you how to distinguish between the convex and concave thyristor

by:Positioning     2020-12-17
Recently many customers enquiries thyristor module is directly submitted to the current size and voltage size, there is no specific size and quote, so we salesman in a quotation to the customer cannot give the customer an accurate price. Actually plate type thyristor module is divided into convex type thyristor module, concave type thyristor module, thyristor module and a convex type. Convex type thyristor module type relative to the concave and convex thyristor module, thickness is slightly thicker, and the surface has four thread; And half convex type thyristor module relative to convex type thyristor module is a bit low, and the thread only three; Concave type thyristor module is relatively easy to distinguish, it is the thinnest size in three types. Thyristor module manufacturers using diffusion method into trace impurities, casting the good dynamic characteristics and high frequency performance, suitable for frequency 2. 5KHz- 10KHz。 If you are interested in thyristor module manufacturer or have any questions, please click our online customer service 24 hours a day 18058357161.
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