Thyristor module itself which features will cause the thyristor misleading links?

by:Positioning     2020-12-15
Thyristor module to normal conduction is gate trigger signal. When the gate trigger signal strength reaches thyristor module and the provisions of the national standard to the thyristor is. At this point, the forward current must be more than the prescribed standards to maintain current, otherwise, cannot conduction. There are two kinds of situations can make the thyristor module misleading: choose the thyristor & other; Off state not repetitive peak voltage & throughout; The pressure (commonly known as positive peak Or positive turning point voltage) On the low side. Puts forward voltage peak more than positive change voltage, thyristor module immediately conduction. So when is leakage current rise sharply ( According to positive avalanche current) , enter the carrier meet conduction conditions. Use of over-voltage protection measures can avoid misleading. Puts forward voltage build-up rate of dV/dt exceeds the specified value. Thyristor module block when the anode is equivalent to a junction capacitance between charging capacitor current generated when tu anode voltage, the current may cause the thyristor module is misleading. So the biggest positive voltage build-up rate for the pipe must be restricted, generally USES the resistance capacity to absorb elements on opposite sides of the thyristor module in parallel can be restricted. Welcome to visit more about thyristor knowledge's official website. , thyristor module only ever more than rivals, it is much to consider for the customer. If interested in our thyristor module or there is doubt, welcome your consultation, we wholeheartedly at your service.
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