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by:Positioning     2020-11-20
Intelligent thyristor module is a new generation of electricity control products, it will be intelligent thyristor module and phase shift trigger circuit integrated into an organic whole, is easy to use, stable and reliable, and the advantages of saving material and energy saving, can reduce the user's system development and the use cost, mainly used in ac/dc motor speed control and stable power supply, etc. A, intelligent thyristor module can be divided into the form of the main circuit three-phase module and communication module, the following is the working characteristic of intelligent thyristor module. 1. Unlike pure thyristor circuit, the module will trigger circuit and control system and intelligent thyristor module integrated into an organic whole, make it a complete power regulating the open loop system, plus auxiliary circuit which can realize the closed loop control. 2. Three-phase ac input voltage range is wide, main circuit module and the phase sequence and phase number limit, break through the rectifier circuit of trigger circuit requires synchronization and phase shift scope, constraints, the module internal coordination work automatically. 3. 0 - control signal 10 v dc signal, in this range, can adjust the output voltage, smooth control is set to manual or computer control. 4. Can be used many kinds of load form, such as impedance, sensibility, capacitive load. 2, the following interpretation in the motor drive system problems needing attention in the application of intelligent thyristor module based on thyristor rectifier module power supply open loop speed control system of dc motor, dc motor studio to two lines of dc power supply, all the way to the armature circuit of power supply, all the way to the excitation circuit of power supply, adopts the module design of several sets of actual system after more than a year of operation, the result is good. But should pay attention to the following problems: 1. Communication module input rectifier transformer and power grid in isolation, so as to reduce the interference of the module and the power grid. 2. Like ordinary power semiconductor devices, intelligent thyristor module withstand over voltage and current performance is poorer, overvoltage and overcurrent can make module for a short period of time. Intelligent thyristor module true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If you are interested in our intelligent thyristor module or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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