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by:Positioning     2021-03-08
Many companies are using thyristor module, but some companies thyristor module particularly easy to burn out? Below by thyristor module introduces the various causes of SCR is punctured one by one to you: 1, the over-voltage breakdown: over-voltage breakdown is thyristor module is one of the main reasons for the breakdown, thyristor module of overvoltage bear ability is almost no time, even in a short period of time a few milliseconds over voltage will be breakdown, so the practical application circuit, must be connected to the RC absorption circuit, thyristor at both ends to avoid various instantaneous overvoltage caused by the interference of random pulse. If the SCR module breakdown happens often, please check the absorption circuit various components for burn out or fail. 2, overcurrent and overheating breakdown: actually flow breakdown and overheat breakdown is the same thing. Breakdown is current flow through the silicon controlled rectifier module thermal effect when the chip inside the chip, the chip temperature, when the temperature reaches 175 ℃ chip will be invalid and cannot be restored. Under normal conditions of use, as long as the working current shall not exceed the rated current thyristor is not going to happen this kind of thermal breakdown, because the flow principle of breakdown is caused by temperature, and temperature rise process needs a certain time, so the flow in a short time ( A few hundred milliseconds to several seconds) Is generally not breakdown. 3, overheat breakdown: overheat breakdown here refers to the working current is not more than rated current of the silicon cases occurring in the course of thermal breakdown, the cause of the breakdown occurred mainly thyristor module of auxiliary cooling device caused by poor work thyristor chip temperature lead to breakdown. Purchasing thyristor welcome to visit website.
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