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by:Positioning     2021-03-16
Thyristor module is the final process is encapsulated, so what is the function of packaging? Then by thyristor manufacturers to introduce for you. ( 1) To protect chip, after encapsulation make thyristor module chip is not influenced by outside factors and damage, not because of external conditions change and affect the normal work of the chip; ( 2) After encapsulation thyristor module chip through introduction to qualify, Or at the foot of the quote) Convenient and reliable electric connection with external systems; ( 3) Thyristor module chip work in the heat energy produced by encapsulating the shell to spread out, so that the chip temperature remains under the maximum amount; ( 4) Thyristor module chip and the external system to achieve reliable signal transmission, preserve the integrity of the signal. Welcome to visit website more about thyristor knowledge
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